How to Build Your Perfect Body Shape

body shapeThere are five different body shapes for men – The oval, the triangle, the rectangle, the inverted triangle and the trapezoid. The trapezoid and inverted triangle are body shapes where the shoulder width is greater than the width of the waist, the rectangle is a shape where the shoulder and waist are similar widths, while the oval and triangle are shapes where the waist is wider than the shoulders.

The majority of sporting men will fall into the categories of trapezoid, inverted triangle and rectangle, while older or less active men can more frequently have the triangle and oval body shapes.

Within each body shape, there are several different structures which depend on the weight and height of the man. As an example, you can find trapezoids who are 160lb soccer players or 240lb bodybuilders. They have the same body shape, but different structures.

When women are asked “what is the perfect body shape for men”? The overwhelming majority prefer the inverted triangle, with a structure that consists of some lean muscle mass and a low body fat percentage. The Adonis Golden Ratio system has helped thousands of men get their own ideal body shape.

When men are asked “what is the perfect body shape for men”? They also overwhelmingly suggest the inverted triangle with low body fat. However men think the perfect structure would have 30 to 40lbs more lean muscle than women do.

So why does the inverted triangle always come out on top when both sexes are asked “what is the perfect body shape for men”? Studies suggest it is this body shape which is closest to the perfect shoulder to waist ratio, a hugely defining factor in the body that many people believe is perfect.

The same studies also suggest that as well as the perfect shoulder to hip ratio, the other two major defining factors that contribute to the perfect body shape is symmetry and proportion.

So what do the studies suggest that this perfect body shape do for you? Almost certainly you’ll be more attractive in the eyes of a female, be taken more seriously in the workplace, look visually stronger and as a result, be more confident.

So how would you transition from an oval to an inverted triangle? First of all, you would have to know your measurements to start with, that would enable you to know how much size you had to put on your shoulders and lose off your waist to find the perfect ratio. That would be accomplished through a combination of the diet and the right exercise. Beyond that, to create the perfect shape, you’d be required to know measurements of other muscles too, such as chest, arms and legs so you’re able to build them in proportion.

With the right regime, any man can become the common answer to the question “what is the perfect body shape for men”?